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Enlighten Up! 

If you love self-development and modern spirituality, then sharing what you have learned is part of your path. Whether you are a yoga teachers, coach, healer, or a dedicated student to the path of modern spirituality, I can help you deepen your practice so you can help others to do the same.

Time to gain a new perspective

Barbra Noh, Anusara Certified Yoga Teacher, Germany/International 

"Working with Leigh Ann broadens your perspective to see your story from a place less personal and less painful, opening the possibility to see potential in the situation. Leigh Ann’s style and approach to delving into themes is cooperative and collaborative. She is very grounded and rational and has a good sense of tuning into people and offering what is appropriate. It is great to work with her because you gain a different perspective on what you already know."

Zia Nichols, Lifestyle and Holistic Wellness Teacher, Bali

"Leigh Ann’s personality,  warmth, care and attentiveness made me feel that I'm safe and being heard. I felt that I can trust her with what I want to share. There are many intuitive coaches and guides that you can find, but Leigh Ann has something that most people don’t. Her warmth and genuine caring will makes you feel safe to go through the healing process  because such sessions are most powerful when we as clients can go into the space of surrender."

Elke Svitek, Anusara Certified Yoga Teacher, Director Balaiana Eco Retreat Sardinia

"Leigh Ann's devotion to healing and coaching clearly comes from a place of inner wisdom and compassion for others. She's very sensitive and loving. After the session with her, I felt nourished, calm and connected to the flow of life again. It opened a deeper understanding that goes beyond the rational self. I'm still deeply touched from the effect of our session."

Audio book coming soon...

From the Introduction of "The Easy Way to Enlightenment: Seven Lessons to Show Your Soul the Adventure of Your Life"

"You and I likely have never spoken, so I haven’t had an opportunity to tell you that you are already enlightened, and your soul is with you now. You are on track—no matter what. And there are forces that support you throughout your life—no matter what. This book will describe those forces and guide you to ways you can interact with them to harness your creative power.
Enlightenment is the moment-to-moment process of saying “yes” to the aliveness inside you. As I have worked with more and more clients, showing them their soul’s perspective on their lives, I have seen that enlightenment is our essence. We are all already enlightened. Through coaching, soul perspective readings, and channeling, I’ve watched my clients turn on the light that is already there, waiting to shine. I want you to do the same.
Your life will change when you take the perspective that you are here to give your soul the adventure of your life. You will gain a sense of purpose that is independent of the world around you.
Just like a parent has the responsibility to raise a child, you bear the responsibility for your soul’s experience. When you realize and accept this responsibility, you show up for your own life every day, explore your creativity, and contribute to your personal and the global ecosystem."

Whether you are in a state of doubt and despair or plodding along fairly happily in life, you can create positive change in your own lives and the lives of others now. Contact me for a complementary call to Enlighten Up!