Relax and listen to the path to your enlightenment

Give your eyes a rest, tilt your head back, and listen to The Easy Way to Enlightenment: 7 Lessons to Give Your Soul the Adventure of Your Life on audio.  

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Beautifully narrated by Michel Brown Miller. 

About The Easy Way to Enlightenment

The Easy Way to Enlightenment: 7 Lessons to Give Your Soul the Adventure of Your Life redefines and demystifies enlightenment, putting it well within reach for today’s modern spiritual practitioner.

The lessons and practices in this book will help you revisit the road behind you, honor your achievements, and discover how to harness the creative forces of your Soul and Mother Earth to live a brighter, richer, and more satisfying life. 

The Easy Way to Enlightenment gets you off the bench and puts you into the exciting game of applied spiritual living, teaching you how to access higher forms of guidance and contribute your unique gifts to Planet Earth.

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About the Author

Leigh Ann Kittell is a life coach, yoga teacher, and intuitive empath with an unquenchable curiosity about how to transcend the challenges of everyday life through self-development and modern spiritual practices. After a miraculous encounter with a Reiki master, Leigh Ann dedicated herself to learning as much as she could about esotericism and healing, with the goal of understanding the mechanisms through which she had healed, and how she could help others do the same. Leigh Ann teaches and works with individuals and groups internationally, sharing practices on connecting with higher forms of guidance, and helping people sense and develop a relationship with their soul. Born and raised in the United States, Leigh Ann has lived in Europe for the last twenty years, giving her a unique, global perspective on modern spirituality. She is a Martha Beck Certified Life Coach and brings more than two decades of research to her fresh approach to the topic of enlightenment.