One big reason to be a little bit enlightened

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Over ten years ago I visited the Victoria and Albert Museum in London for the first time.

As I entered the great halls, a plaque below an unspectacular statue stopped me in my tracks. 

It read:


...those who commits to the path of enlightenment for the sake of others. 

Out of nowhere, a voice in my head said, “I am one of those!”

I glanced right and left, hoping that nobody heard the voice speak. Who did I think I was to consider that I could be on a path to enlightenment? 

The original Bodhisattvas were Buddhists, probably men, living hundreds of years ago. They dedicated their entire life to spirituality. They didn’t work in a bank in downtown Frankfurt. They didn't nibble too much chocolate and spend too much money on shoes. 

Does guilt ever grab you when you dare to believe that you are on the path of self-transformation? Do you doubt that the positive change that you have created in your own life and the lives of others is real? 

Despite my guilt and doubt, the voice in my head that day at the V&A Museum in London woke me up to a vision for my life. I wanted to be something like a boddhisattva. I started to take my self-development and modern spiritual path more seriously. 

I became a manager at work, a yoga teacher, and a Martha Beck Certified life coach. My relationships and my health improved. And, I wrote a book about enlightenment. 

But am I enlightened? Do I walk in the footsteps of the Bodhisattvas?

If you believe that enlightenment is a binary state — either you are or your aren’t — the answer is definitely no. I gossip, I complain, and I let work get to me. I haven’t forgiven certain people and perhaps a few haven’t forgiven me. And, I definitely haven’t healed every ailment with yoga. 

But what if I were a little bit enlightened?

In the Easy Way to Enlightenment, I offer you a relative perspective on enlightenment. I not only believe you can be a little bit enlightened, I believe there is a big reason to be a little bit enlightened. 

I am convinced that for someone in this world (or perhaps many people), you are the Dalai Lama. You are a light bulb illuminating the space around you, making the whole world that much brighter. - The Easy Way to Enlightenment

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When you allow yourself a relative perspective on enlightenment, you acknowledge the light you are already bringing into the world. You stop seeing yourself as small. You begin to create the change in the world you desire at this very moment. It is easy to stare at social media feed and become helpless in the face of political ridiculousness and the senseless destruction of our environment. But you can find your point of personal power and become someone's Dalai Lama right now.  

I would call that one big reason to be a little bit enlightened.

Try out these questions from The Easy Way to Enlightenment:

  • Whose Dalai Lama are you? (Come on, don’t be modest.)
  • In what ways have you already switched on the light of your enlightenment?
  • Imagine telling a stranger at a party that you are on a path to enlightenment. How do you explain your path?

It's time to redefine enlightenment. Find out more in The Easy Way to Enlightenment.

Easy Way to Enlightenment Inspiration

Taken on my most recent visit to the Victory and Albert museum in May 2018