Confused, lost, or uninspired? How your birthday can get your re-centered.

feel better, confused, centering

Yesterday morning my partner and I drove halfway across Germany for a birthday-anniversary weekend shindig. The host Thomas had turned 60 and he and his wife Greta were also celebrating their 10 year wedding anniversary. We had arrived at their home just in time for afternoon coffee and cake, a beloved German ritual. I am not […]

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Book Reflections: Enlightenment (Re)defined

Enlightenment Cultivate Connect

The Easy Way to Enlightenment starts with something that you and I often think:Enlightenment is hard work. Only a few are capable of attaining true enlightenment. Enlightenment is something you can only achieve by sitting alone in meditation for months on end until, one day, suddenly you understand the meaning of life.But is that true? Let’s try […]

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The One Reason Why You Love the Earth

Earth Love Environment

In the comedy classic “The Life of Brian” by Monty Python, the 1st century protagonist Brian is eager to join a Roman resistance party. He approaches the  People’s Front of Judea (The PFJ) asking for membership and the leader says, “How much do you hate the Romans?” Brian answers “A lot.” The leader replies stoically, […]

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3 Reasons Why Freedom Matters on the Modern Spiritual Path

Freedom Political Religious

“You are among the first humans to have the time, freedom, and resources to explore the self, the soul, personal creativity, and the beauty of nature.​Excerpt from Lesson 7 of The Easy Way to Enlightenment.Yesterday at work I tagged along with Anna and Hilde, two of my favorite gals at work, for a morning cuppa. Slightly intruding […]

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Say Yes to the Aliveness Inside of You

Say Yes to the Aliveness Inside

“Enlightenment is hard work. ​Only a lucky few are capable of attaining true enlightenment. ​Enlightenment is something you can only achieve by sitting alone in meditation for months on end until, one day, suddenly you understand the meaning of life.If you’ve thought any of these things, you’re not alone. Many of us go through life thinking enlightenment […]

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How my Father Showed Me the First Step to Enlightenment

If you have been on the path of self-development and spirituality for a while, you may have analyzed your family. Yes, I am joking. I know you have analyzed your family. You have spent hours in counseling, coaching and on the couch with friends talking about them. Your parents. And by now, perhaps you have […]

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Write Your Own Life

Rummaging through drawers on my first day of staycation, I found stacks of old journals: big tablets, tiny tablets, leather Moleskins, paper Moleskins, travel stories, book drafts, affirmations, visualizations, rants, and poems. Paper is a loyal listener. Since I started journaling over 15 years ago, my partner has changed, my friends have changed, my hope, dreams, and […]

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How to Change by Doing (Almost) Nothing

Standing between the 2018 calendars and refrigerator magnets at Barnes and Noble a few weeks ago, my eyes fixate on a small tote with the saying, Life Isn’t About Finding Yourself, It Is About Creating Yourself. Embarrassment showered over me as if I had just tripped. I glanced left and right hoping no one saw me. If […]

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