Book Reflections: Enlightenment (Re)defined

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The Easy Way to Enlightenment starts with something that you and I often think:

Enlightenment is hard work. 

Only a few are capable of attaining true enlightenment.

Enlightenment is something you can only achieve by sitting alone in meditation for months on end until, one day, suddenly you understand the meaning of life.

But is that true? 

Let's try on one alternative definition of enlightenment that I present in the book.

Enlightenment is a place. 

Have you ever listened to a guided visualization that took you on a journey to a place of inner calm? You maybe started the journey in a place of stress or tension. After the guided visualization, your body relaxed and became lighter and energized. Your mind was free and you had some good ideas for how to spend the rest of the day. 

You took yourself to a place of enlightenment. Just like you might leave a noisy restaurant to find a quieter cafe, you can leave your noisy thoughts and emotions behind you and take yourself to a quieter inner state. (Doesn't that sound kinda easy?)

Guided visualizations are not the only way to goto the place of enlightenment within you. If you are on the path of self-development and modern spirituality, you most likely have your own tool-kit of practices to support your personal growth.

Here are some of mine...

Music: I let the uplifting compositions of Bach, Mozart, and Beethoven stream on Youtube to lift my mood while I work at the office. When I come home, I turn on YogiTunes and stretch on my yoga mat to the latest mantra mixes. 

Books: My Kindle App on the iPhone holds an entire library of inspiration. I scroll through quotes I have highlighted from my favorite authors like Pema Chodrön and Martha Beck to take me to a place of enlightenment while traveling in trains and planes.

Nature: A main theme of The Easy Way to Enlightenment is that nature is a place of enlightenment. Regular time outside in the many beautiful parks in my neighborhood is part of my tool-kit to get to the place of enlightenment within me.

Enlightening is as easy as taking yourself from a state of inner "not so light" or even " sort of dark" to a place of "lighter than before" or even "quite bright." 


  • What are your beliefs about enlightenment? 
  • Try on the idea that enlightenment is a place within you that you are going to already? 
  • Write down your favorite techniques to enlighten yourself.
  • How are you acknowledging your own ability to enlighten yourself?

It's time to redefine enlightenment. Find out more in The Easy Way to Enlightenment.

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