Is it your deepest wish to show up as a teacher, coach, healer or member of society who changes lives? If so, we have something in common.

I know the joy of inspiring groups and individuals as a yoga teacher, intuitive reader and coach. I know the thrill of changing lives. And I know first-hand the price you pay for serving others when you lack the time and vitality to nourish your own practice. 

It wasn’t long ago that I had difficulties balancing my career in finance with my teaching and coaching schedule while I worked through a time of personal challenges. I didn’t have the vitality to take care of myself, my team at the office and inspire my students and clients.

Then I found support to rekindle the energy I need for all of my passions and responsibilities. I learned that to live the calling of a yoga teacher and coach, I have strike a balance between my profession, my own practice and giving to others. To keep my life balanced, I work with both practical coaching methods and spiritual practices. Now I’m teaching others to do the same.

Who am I? My essence.

Why do I teach and coach?

What can I do? My skills. 

What is your story? I am curious to know!