Is it your deepest wish to show up as a teacher, coach, healer or member of society who changes lives? If so, we have something in common.

I know the joy of inspiring groups and individuals as a yoga teacher, intuitive reader and coach. I know the thrill of changing lives. And I know first-hand the price you pay for serving others when you lack the time and vitality to nourish your own practice. 

It wasn’t long ago that I had difficulties balancing my career in finance with my teaching and coaching schedule while I worked through a time of personal challenges. I didn’t have the vitality to take care of myself, my team at the office and inspire my students and clients.

Then I found support to rekindle the energy I need for all of my passions and responsibilities. I learned that to live the calling of a yoga teacher and coach, I have strike a balance between my profession, my own practice and giving to others. To keep my life balanced, I work with both practical coaching methods and spiritual practices. Now I’m teaching others to do the same.

Who am I? My essence.

Good question! A question you and I will talk about when we work together. Looking for the answer to “Who am I?” takes you to your essence — the foundation of everything you do.

My inner essence in two words is driven curiosity. Learning and experiencing drives my life. I want to understand humanness, the Soul and our quest to find the good in ourselves and others.

When a cute German boy and a friendly French girl sat next to me in 10th grade homeroom in the tiny town of Portage, PA, a fascinated inner voice asked, “Where did they come from?”

A few years later, I sat on the Berlin Wall exploring the fall and resurrection of half of Europe. I learned German, a few words of Polish and a lot of French.Strolling across Paradeplatz in downtown Zurich at the tender age of 17, surrounded by the most powerful banks of the world, I asked myself, “wonder what it would be like to be a banker?” So a few years later, I became one. Companies, markets and exploring how investors make decisions continue to fascinate me after 20 years in the business. 

What does that mean for you: I will challenge you to discover your essence, hear it and listen to it, because I know you can. Your benefit: You save not only time and energy when your inner guidance system is turned on, but inspiration pours abundantly for you to share with others!

Why do I teach and coach?

I will ask you this question too. Your story of healing is the bedrock of your inspiration.

The short version of my story: A chronic and disabling illness. A trip to a healer in Eastern Europe. A miraculous recovery.

No, I couldn’t leave it at that. I had to find out how I could help people like the healer helped me. That desire is the reason why I teach and coach. I found a good crew of modern spiritual teachers and learned energy healing.

My first side-gig: readings as an intuitive empath.

I encountered both the curious, but also the anguished. I witnessed family, friends and strangers share their darkest stories of loss, betrayal, mental illness, addiction, domestic violence — the list goes on.

No, not light and happy topics. But real.

I discovered a deeper part of my essence: an anchor in universal love that allows me extend unconditional compassion to others as they share their trauma and despair.

What does that mean for you? I know how to hold your hand as you dive inside and discover what is there. I am a clear, compassionate witness. I can help your true essence, your soul, come through despair to comfort and guide you.

What can I do? My skills. 

Who you are — your essence — and what you can do — your skills — are two very different things.

My essence, my insanely driven curiosity, has pushed me to acquire a crazy amount of skills. I like to think of these skills as languages you and I can speak to connect to you.

  • I speak multi-culture (one of my bachelor degrees). My studies, travels and life experience have taught me to put on your glasses when seeing the world. That way, you receive support tailored to your needs.
  • I speak German (another of my bachelor degrees). If you prefer to speak German, das geht auch!
  • I speak finance and business (my master degree and I am a Chartered Financial Analyst charter holder, which is kinda cool). I have 20 years experience in the financial industry. If you need to talk about your business model, I’ve got you.
  • I speak manager. Are you managing people? Me too. Are you expanding your team? Been there and survived.
  • I speak yoga. Luckily, curiosity has not killed this cat and I have tried almost every kind of yoga on the planet. I am trained in Sivananda and Anusara yoga and speak everything yogic from mantra to tantra.
  • I speak esoteric.I am fully fluent in angel, astrology and akashic records. I am able to connect you to lost loved ones and help remedy patterns in ancestral lines. I can support you in healing deep wounds.

What is your story? I am curious to know!