Slow Down, Connect, Enlighten Up - Popup Class 

Popup Class with Leigh Ann Kittell, Martha Beck Certified Life Coach, yoga teacher and author of The Easy Way to Enlightenment. (

Next Date: January 26, 2019 in Frankfurt
11:00 am - 1:00 pm
In English and German as needed by the group.

Are you curious about self-development, yoga philosophy and life coaching?

Are you interested in learning easy self-inquiry and coaching techniques to create a life with more joy?

But, are you also a little bit busy?

Then join me for this popup class where you will learn and practice coaching, yoga and spiritual techniques for more well-being.

You will have the chance to slow down and connect with your inner voice so that you can “enlighten up” your every day life.

In this class, you will

  • Learn simple self-coaching tools that you can take home and practice on your own.
  • Apply the tools in the class through journaling and dialogue with other participants.
  • Spend time with like-minded people on the same path. 

Life-coaching, yoga and modern spiritual practices can change your life. When you feel stuck, you can access a toolkit of techniques to help you shift your energy and move forward.

If you want to create space for inspiration and innovation in your personal and professional life, then this class is for you.


Tuning in / Short meditation

  • I will introduce a coaching tool to the group. For example, The Work by Byron Katie or the Change Cycle according to Martha Beck.
  • You will work with the tool. (Bring your favorite journal and pen please!)
  • Afterwards, you have the change to exchange your experience with a partner or the group and acknowledge what you have learned.

Next appointment: January 26, 2019

Time: 11:00 am - 1:30 pm (main session around 2 hours, then 30 for tea and good-byes).

Location: Frankfurt City (I will send you the exact address upon registration).
Exchange: 25 euros

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