How my Father Showed Me the First Step to Enlightenment

If you have been on the path of self-development and spirituality for a while, you may have analyzed your family.

Yes, I am joking. I know you have analyzed your family. You have spent hours in counseling, coaching and on the couch with friends talking about them. Your parents.

And by now, perhaps you have recognized how your parents’ bitter medicine was the perfect antidote to that which pained your soul.

Today, on my father’s 75th birthday, I am remembering how he taught me the first step to enlightenment.

One of my gifts in life is the ability to connect my clients with their soul, the space of their own creation. I usually have clients like you: women who enjoy self-care, self-help and enjoying modern spirituality. Two years ago, my father became a unlikely “client.” Paralyzed with unexplainable pain from what we now know to be stiff person’s syndrome, he turned to me for a soul perspective reading.

Before the reading, my every-day mind speculated on whether my father would hear about the cause of his illness. I was hoping to get specific insights to improve his health. Yes after I opened his soul records, my everyday mind shut off, I left of the role of the daughter and took on my duty as a correspondent between heaven and earth.

The message for my father was the message I now give to all of my clients: acknowledge your achievements.

Through me, my father’s guides reminded him of his fortitude growing up as the oldest of five boys to an alcoholic father, his persistence to finish college and later a doctorate, his leadership as school principal and later superintendent for a total tenure of 38 years. His guides urged him to see the three children he raised and their success as well as the achievements of his wife.

Why did my father’s guides asked him to honor his achievements?

In my upcoming book, The Easy Way to Enlightenment, I explain,

When you think of enlightened people, perhaps you picture the Dalai Lama, the inspiring saints of the world religions, or your amazing neighbor who has a twinkle of enlightenment in her eye at the ripe age of ninety-nine. I am convinced that for someone in this world (or perhaps many people), you are the Dalai Lama. You are a light bulb illuminating the space around you, making the whole world that much brighter.

Watching you turn on your lights by learning to channel the energy of your aliveness inspires others to do the same.

My father could begin to heal himself by seeing the light he shined on the world: first his brothers, later the countless students he inspired, and his own children.

The first step in your enlightenment is seeing the light of your own achievements. How do you make the world brighter? What are the big ways? What are the small ways?

By acknowledging your achievements, you let your light shine. You see yourself the way your soul sees you. And that is the easy way to enlightenment.


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