Confused, lost, or uninspired? How your birthday can get your re-centered.

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Yesterday morning my partner and I drove halfway across Germany for a birthday-anniversary weekend shindig. The host Thomas had turned 60 and he and his wife Greta were also celebrating their 10 year wedding anniversary. 

We had arrived at their home just in time for afternoon coffee and cake, a beloved German ritual. I am not one for typical small talk so I used this cozy atmosphere to directly ask the young yet older couple how they met. The first answer, "we have common friends" didn't satisfy me. I kept digging. And digging. After 20 minutes I had nailed what I call the moment of creation - the moment when Thomas and Greta knew they were in love and would become a couple.  

When we reached the apex of the story, the moment their couple-hood was born, the energy in the room shifted to unity, to love and to centeredness. Suspended for just a a moment, we glowed in an aura of peace.

Every relationship has a moment of birth. A birthday in fact. Just like I pushed Thomas and Greta to remember the birth of their relationship, with some gentle nudging, you can visit the moment you became a couple with your very own soul.

In The Easy Way to Enlightenment, I explain throughout the book how the creation of you is a main pillar of your enlightenment experience.

When you revisit your birth, you let confusion behind you and connect with the felt sense of your on-purposeness.

You find your footing on your earthly path. You are never lost when you can reconnect with the anchor of your soul inside of you.

You recover your child-like inspiration. A fountain of curiousity fueled your birth. You only need to tap into it.

Just like you are a romantic for love stories like Thomas and Greta's, you become a romantic for the love story between your soul and you.  

Try out this exercise from Lesson 5 of the Easy Way to Enlightenment:

  • Write down your physical, emotional, and mental state? For example, "I feel tired, lost and confused."
  • In a relaxed state, place your attention on the mantra, “I connect with the force that wants me to be here.”
  • When you have settled into the sensation of the mantra, imagine there is a force called your soul choosing to be you.
  • Picture this force (give it a color and a shape perhaps) coming into your body on the very day when you were born.
  • Note again your physical, emotional, and mental state.

How did you do? After this exercise, I regain a sense of centeredness. My soul's presence urges me "straighten up and fly right" - but not from a place of discipline, but from a place of curiosity. An inner voice says, "Hey, I am not alone or lost. I am here to create and explore." For me, this exercise even works after seeing terrible news on TV. I get back to why I am here and leave saving the planet from all its woes up to a bigger power. 


  • Were you able to imagine the moment of your birth when you and the loving force that created you joined as a couple?
  • Do you believe that you are here on purpose?
  • What if a force like your soul had your back like a caring, supportive partner?
  • How did your bodily sensations shift when you pictured your soul entering you?

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