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Lesson 2.2 The Soul Cycle

No matter what you are doing, you can always check in with your soul sensation and from there ask, “Do my choices and actions make me feel closer or farther away from my soul?” Each time you discover the spark of your soul—feeling that signature sensation—you’ll find yourself back at the beginning of the Soul Cycle. Then you’re ready to create again.

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Lesson 2.1 Make Your Soul a Special Friend

Many of us grow up feeling as if we are searching for something, or that something is missing from our lives. In reality, what we’re looking for has been here all along, waiting for us to reach out and connect—to initiate that friendship.

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Lesson 2.0 Your Soul’s Love Affair with You

“The soul is the force that wants you to be here.” What is the soul?It’s a question we’ve been asking for centuries.On one episode of her Super Soul Sunday show, Oprah asked guests, “What is the soul?” Eckhart Tolle responded, “The soul is our innermost being; the presence that you are beyond form, the consciousness […]

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Heal Your Heart on Mothers Day with Mother Earth

I honor you Mother EarthHonor the mother of all of us all today. She makes us one. Heal your heart on Mother’s Day by connecting with the Mother of the One – Mother Earth. Mother’s Day is not easy for everyone. Some of our mothers passed too soon. Some could not care for us the […]

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Conjuring Courage in Moments of Challenge

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Conjuring Courage in Moments of Challenge Today I went cross country skiing – even though the trail Bretterschachten in the Bavarian Forest is in parts too steep for me. I fell twice! But I will go again tomorrow. One reason is to spend time in a snow covered, fairy tale forest. But another reason is […]

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Interview Spiritual Media Blog

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This post was originally featured on the award winning Spiritual Media Blog by Matt Welsh. Thank you Matt for sharing my work with the world and the beautiful platform you have built for self-development and spirituality. How did you come up with the core theme of your book that enlightenment is easy?After being healed by a Reiki […]

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Confused, lost, or uninspired? How your birthday can get your re-centered.

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Yesterday morning my partner and I drove halfway across Germany for a birthday-anniversary weekend shindig. The host Thomas had turned 60 and he and his wife Greta were also celebrating their 10 year wedding anniversary. We had arrived at their home just in time for afternoon coffee and cake, a beloved German ritual. I am not […]

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Book Reflections: Enlightenment (Re)defined

Enlightenment Cultivate Connect

The Easy Way to Enlightenment starts with something that you and I often think:Enlightenment is hard work. Only a few are capable of attaining true enlightenment. Enlightenment is something you can only achieve by sitting alone in meditation for months on end until, one day, suddenly you understand the meaning of life.But is that true? Let’s try […]

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