My promise is to give you my complete and caring attention.

I have 10 years of experience supporting a wide variety of people with coaching, teaching, and through connection with higher forms of guidance. You may come to me for spiritual guidance and find that what you really need is a practical business plan. Or, you may want to talk about your business plan and realize you have a back pack of despair to take a look at. I can help you remedy both practical and spiritual issues, because often the two go hand and hand.

My promise to you is to give you my complete and caring attention. I do not work with a sales goal for my business, but with a satisfaction goal. I enjoy my work as a coach and I enjoy my clients. I truly want you to find clarity on your issues. And, I want you to have tools and routines to support yourself for when our work together is over.

Working with Leigh Ann broadens your perspective to see your story from a place less personal and less painful, opening the possibility to see potential in the situation. Leigh Ann’s style and approach to delving into themes is cooperative and collaborative. She is very grounded and rational and has a good sense of tuning into people and offering what is appropriate. It is great to work with her because you gain a different perspective on what you already know.

Barbra Noh, Anusara Certified Yoga Teacher, Germany


Leigh Ann’s personality,  warmth, care and attentiveness made me feel that I’m safe and being heard. I felt that I can trust her with what I want to share. There are many intuitive coaches and guides that you can find, but Leigh Ann has something that most people don’t. Her warmth and genuine caring will makes you feel safe to go through the healing process  because such sessions are most powerful when we as clients can go into the space of surrender.

Zia Nicols, Lifestyle & Holistic Wellness Teacher, Bali


I would especially recommend Leigh Ann to anyone who’s feeling stuck and can’t seem to figure out what’s going on. She will help you get to the root of the issue and see how to move forward again, which is a great feeling!

Wendy Limbert, Life Coach, Encinitas, CA


Leigh Ann’s information is impeccable and her wisdom comes from a place that is aligned from a very spiritual position. She has the ability to tap into information that feels not only truthful but also is delivered in a gentle way so that it leaves you with a feeling of peace.

Belle McDonnell, Ph.D., Therapist, Costa Rica


Leigh Ann is able to approach issues from very different angles and with a variety of methods. Her spectrum of methods is diverse and her various talents flow together, so that she can help anyone access the place where the answers lie.

Evgenia, Yoga Teacher, Mainz, Germany


Leigh Ann is a clever, warm-hearted, professional coach and accompanies you very mindfully through your personal development.

Bettina Strickhausen, Life Coach and Yoga Teacher, Frankfurt, Germany


Leigh Ann has the extraordinary gift to look at the complex issues of life from a very unusual side. She sorts them and categorize them in a way that makes difficulties ​ suddenly dissolve into thin air making you feel free and carefree. She helped me with several issues that I have carried around with me for a long time. She addressed circumstances in my life which she could not know anything about. Leigh Ann has a very keen sense of the human soul and its welfare. I am infinitely grateful for her help.

Claudia Dahnelt, Studio Owner of Yoga Lotusblume, Frankfurt, Germany


Leigh Ann gave me answers to the most important current questions in my life within just moments. She recognized and understood the current situation behind my issues quickly and without knowing any specific background information. I received sound explanations for developments in my life that previously did not make sense to me.

Leigh Ann’s help was very clear yet sensitive. Although she is working intuitively, she always kept the overview of the issues and brought them into context for me. The reading was very helpful!

H.M., Frankfurt, Germany


I have known Leigh Ann for over 15 years and have benefitted from her ever expanding range of healing and self development therapies which she applies with great skill, love and dedication. Recently I had a reading and coaching and in a follow up session I was asked about the ‘issue’ we had worked on. I had to admit that I could no longer remember the issue as it no longer existed. It had dissolved as if by magic! This is just one example of Leigh Ann’s healing mastery.

Natasza, Munich, Germany


I have felt very comfortable with the idea of receiving coaching and readings from Leigh Ann. The guidance helped me to understand something about myself a little more deeply than before and provided clarity for moving forward. I especially like having someone to go to who can help me look at myself and issues I was having in a new way. The feel of the sessions were very uplifting. If you are feeling out of sorts or like you’d like to understand yourself or a pattern in your life better, give Leigh Ann a try. She uses not only her coaching knowledge but her ability to tap into something much greater to bring guidance and clarity to her clients.

Jane, Pittsburgh, PA


Before I had a reading, I was concerned about hearing something negative, something that I did not want to hear or something that I would need to confront. The insights from the reading however felt very true and were in many ways very comforting. If you want at wonderful experience to come closer to yourself and your truth, work with Leigh Ann.

Geraldine, Dublin, Ireland


Leigh Ann gave me about marketing myself and also “out of the blue” very helpful guidance about interaction with one of my daughters. There was uncanny accuracy in describing one of my horses which was also helpful. I loved the psychic downloads!

Nina, Texas


Leigh Ann is highly trustworthy and extremely professional. Her empathy enables her to get right to the point of relevance. She achieves this by simply asking the right questions, leading to valuable insights – relevant for my private and my business life. Especially as a star-up entrepreneur I am glad to have her support, and I will keep her as a “business life guard”.

B.R., Frankfurt, Germany


Leigh Ann’s devotion to healing and coaching clearly comes from a place of inner wisdom and compassion for others. She’s very sensitive and loving. After the session with her, I felt nourished, calm and connected to the flow of life again. It opened a deeper understanding that goes beyond the rational self. I’m still deeply touched from the effect of our session.

Elke Svitek, Anusara Certified Yoga Teacher,  Director Balaiana Eco Retreat Sardinia ​​​