The Easy Way to Enlightenment – Introducing the Book Blurb

Writing a book is not for the light hearted! Structuring your thoughts, mapping your message, writing, re-writing, trashing, re-writing, editing, re-writing, having a reader tell you they don’t understand, more re-writing. Phew!

When the book is done, you fall into a void. “What do I do next?” I asked, as my editor wrote the marketing copy.

A new chapter opens. Now it is time to share my work.

Investing in a professional book blurb, seeing it on paper, sending it to friends  and hearing them say FANTASTIC taught me – THIS BOOK IS REAL! I did it!

Here is what the first blurb readers said…

I just read what your editor reworked and it’s fantastic. I like the start of it because I can totally relate to that bookshelf of self-help and spiritual books and wanting something deeper…

Sounds amazing. Rings so true. I can’t wait to have my copy in my hands!

Describes the book perfectly!

Yes! It’s provocative, in a good way.






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