Training and Influences

The job of an educator is to teach students to see the vitality in themselves.
Joseph Campbell


Certification as a Martha Beck Certified Life Coach in 2017

  • 8 month coaching program with four practicums (live coaching in the group with mentorship)
  • Certification with individual mentorship
  • Continued learning with Master Coach Michael Trotta after certification

University Studies and Career

MBA, Chartered Financial Analyst Charterholder, Project Manager and Manager

  • Bachelor of Arts in International Studies and German from Lock Haven University, 3 semesters study abroad
  • Master of Business Administration  from Penn State University Smeal College of Business
  • Charter Financial Analyst Charterholder        
  • Financial professional since 1997 with personnel management since 2007

Energy Work

My course work in healing and subtle energies includes

  • Reiki I (2001) and II (2003) in the Usui System of Natural Healing with Renate Fecher
  • Astrology in the Hermetic Tradition (2003) according to Randolf Schäfer (Astrosophy)
  • Aura and Chakra Reading (2004) with Walter Lübeck
  • Angel Healing Training (2007) with Ava Minatti
  • Channeling Training (2007) with Trixa Gruber
  • Study of Akashic Records according to Dr. Linda Howe


Two year teacher training in Sivananda integral yoga at Yoga Vidya Frankfurt
(2004-2005) – program by Sukadev Bretz

  • Emphasis on spirituality and meditation
  • Experiential learning of hatha yoga (postures), raja yoga (concentration), jnana yoga (knowledge), bhakti yoga (devotional), kriya yoga (cleansing) and karma yoga (action)
  • Broad coverage of the philosophic roots of yoga (Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, Bhagavad Gita, Hatha Yoga Pradipika)

In 2010, I began my studies of Anusara Yoga. 

My training includes:

  • Anusara immersions and teacher training with Vilas & Lalla Turske
  • Teacher training with Jeff Fisher
  • Yoga therapy trainings with Desirée Rumbaugh, John Friend and Barbra Noh
  • Workshops and courses with Christina Valeska Krause, Tina Lobe, Sianna Sherman, Katchi Ananda, Elena Brower, Peter Goodman, Jackie Prete, Marc St. Pierre, Meghan Curry and Tara Judelle
  • Assisting immersions and workshops with Barbra Noh
  • Pre / Postnatal teacher training with Sue Elkind from DIG Yoga Studio Philadelphia
  • Workshops with John Friend and Desi Springer in the method Sridaiva
  • Meditation retreat with Sally Kempton