You have the power to change lives. You know that, right?

As my coaching client, I will challenge you to discover your essence, hear it and listen to it, because I know you can.

Your benefit: You save time and energy when your inner guidance system is turned on and inspiration pours abundantly for you to share with others!  

Leigh Ann Kittell, Martha Beck Certified Life Coach

When life hit you with a big fat growth opportunity, you said "I got this!" You helped and healed yourself.

Today, your book shelves are full of inspiration. You have hours of training in self-development and spiritual practices. You want to give back. 

You hear one voice that says, "Who am I to change lives?" While another voice says, "You have the power. Go!"

So say good bye to "No-Time-Too-Tired-I-Wish-I-Could."

‚ÄčImpact society.
Show up as a leader.
Tell your story.
Bring like-minded people together.
Help others help themselves.

The world is waiting for you.

Who do I coach?

When a person books coaching sessions with me, she is typically fed up with being stuck. I can see her slam her hand on the table and say "I am done with this."

When she calls, she tells me about her desire to serve humanity. "I want to give back, I want to create something beautiful, I want to change the world, but..." And then she tells me why she struggles to manifest her dream to teach, coach, heal, or serve. 

Using inquiry tools, we then dive into the why, the what, and the how. We go head on with the main challenges: Regret, doubt, guilt, and reluctance.

When we wrap up our work, she is on her way to living her own expression of service and creativity. She can take her spiritual practice to the next level.  

What is special about working with me?

My coaching style is gentle and clear. My goal is to give you the responsibility for the pace of personal change. Each person's path is individual and I want to help you find yours.

I am not only a certified life coach, but I am also an intuitive empath and medium. I  continuously tune into higher guidance. I can sense your soul behind you and I can hear its whispers to you.  For this reason, we will move forward faster than you expect. 

Because I work with self-development and modern spiritual practices to heal myself, I am a clear, compassionate witness.  I know how to hold your hand as you dive inside and discover what is there. I can help your true essence, your soul, come through any despair to comfort and guide you.

My book The Easy Way to Enlightenment documents my personal path and my vision for living a soul-centered life. The audio is currently available for free as a companion to our work together.