I honor you Mother Earth

Honor the mother of all of us all today. She makes us one.

Heal your heart on Mother’s Day by connecting with the Mother of the One - Mother Earth.

Mother’s Day is not easy for everyone. Some of our mothers passed too soon. Some could not care for us the way we wished. Some of us wanted to be mothers but couldn’t.

If your heart is looking for a different conversation on Mother’s Day, listen to this excerpt from my book “The Easy Way to Enlightenment” in which Mother Earth writes you a letter.

Excerpt from “A Letter from Mother Earth to You.”
Imagine this: You are sitting at work and a group of official-looking people come in and bring you a stack of papers. On top of the stack is a letter to inform you that your parents are not who you thought they were, and that your real parents are two other beings. One being is your soul and the other is Mother Earth.You excuse yourself from work and go home. Your house is quiet as your family members are still out for the day. You read more of the documents. You find a letter from your “other mother,” who has been longing for you to engage in a relationship with her.

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