Lesson 2.0 Your Soul’s Love Affair with You

“The soul is the force that wants you to be here.”

What is the soul?

It’s a question we’ve been asking for centuries.

On one episode of her Super Soul Sunday show, Oprah asked guests, “What is the soul?” Eckhart Tolle responded, “The soul is our innermost being; the presence that you are beyond form, the consciousness that you are beyond form.” Gary Zukav described the soul as “that part of you that existed before you were born and is there after you die,” while Sarah Ban Breathnach said it is the “spiritual essence of who we are.”

To the many responses to this question, both on Oprah’s show and throughout the history of esoteric thought, I add my own: The soul is the force that wants you to be here.

Your soul is your greatest advocate. Your conspirator. Your co-creator. And a friend like no other. Your soul is your copilot in the adventure of your life, and learning to understand this relationship is essential if you wish to harness and direct your creative magic, and master the easy way to enlightenment.

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About the Author: Leigh Ann Kittell is a life coach, yoga teacher, and intuitive empath with an unquenchable curiosity about how to transcend the challenges of everyday life through self-development and modern spiritual practices. After a miraculous encounter with a Reiki master, Leigh Ann dedicated herself to learning as much as she could about esotericism and healing, with the goal of understanding the mechanisms through which she had healed, and how she could help others do the same. Leigh Ann teaches and works with individuals and groups internationally, sharing practices on connecting with higher forms of guidance, and helping people sense and develop a relationship with their soul. Born and raised in the United States, Leigh Ann has lived in Europe for the last twenty years, giving her a unique, global perspective on modern spirituality. She is a Martha Beck Certified Life Coach and brings more than two decades of research to her fresh approach to the topic of enlightenment.