Lesson 2.2 The Soul Cycle

“Living a partnership with your soul is new terrain for you to explore. You can think of day-to-day soul living as an enlightenment experiment. What happens if you connect with your soul in the shower, while driving, during lovemaking? Can you keep the connection in that tough board meeting or during the fight with your loved one? And if you stay connected, what do you create versus when you do not stay connected? ”

Your soul is a timeless entity; the only friend you will ever have who both existed before you and who will never die. Your soul truly always wants the best and the most for you, and wishes to help you connect to your full potential in this lifetime. As you broaden and develop your relationship with your soul, you will become strong creative partners.

You can relate to your soul in endless ways. In fact, how you relate to your soul is part of your own personality and creative expression. I’ve developed a way of relating to my soul that I’ve named the Soul Cycle. It’s one possible way to get to know your soul as both a friend and an energy source. As you work with the Soul Cycle, you can adapt the concept and make it your own, or develop something entirely different.

The Soul Cycle has three parts:

  • Soul Step 1: Find your soul’s signature sensation.
  • Soul Step 2: Let your soul’s presence spark your creativity.
  • Soul Step 3: Acknowledge and experience your creativity.

Step 1: Find Your Soul’s Signature Sensation

You can train yourself to recognize your soul’s presence and to call it forward on command. I call the feelings associated with your soul’s presence your soul’s “signature sensation.” Just like your handwritten signature, it is unique to you. For example, I sense my soul as a light buzz of excitement, combined with tenderness and peace. My soul’s presence surrounds my heart. My mind quiets, my emotions calm, and my body awakens and feels alive with energy.

As you learn to recognize your soul’s presence, you will identify the unique collection of sensations that occur in your body. You might label them as light, open, grounded, clear, joyful, and so forth.

To find your soul’s signature sensation, take a few moments to calm your mind, still your emotions, and ground yourself. (If you have trouble sitting still, doing some movement first, such as yoga, might help you enter a calm space where you can settle.) You might want to lie in a relaxed pose, find your favorite meditation posture, or sit still in a chair.

Invoke your soul’s presence by saying to yourself: “I acknowledge that there is a force that wants me to be here. I exist.”

Repeat the phrase to yourself. As your soul’s presence is revealed to you, you’ll notice a shift—it may seem slow and subtle at first, or quicker and more dramatic. When you notice this shift, open your awareness to the sensations in your body. Notice what changes. Does your breath get softer? Do your emotions become calmer? Do you feel warm? Happy? Peaceful?

After you’ve allowed yourself to reflect on this feeling, you may conclude by thanking your soul for “showing up,” and telling your soul that you look forward to getting to know it better.

Once you’ve concluded the exercise, look in the mirror. I predict you will look loving and charismatic. Your eyes may be alive with life energy. That is you seeing your own soul in you!

As you get to know your soul’s signature sensation, practice conjuring it in all kinds of situations: difficult family moments, meetings at work, traffic jams, lines at the mall. Let your soul’s presence exist in you at that moment, filling you with the delightful and reassuring awareness of its presence.

Finding your soul’s signature sensation is the foundation for showing your soul the adventure of your life. You want to feel your soul close to you and be aware of it looking through your eyes into the world. When you connect with your soul in this way, you receive its creative energy. That takes us to the next step in the Soul Cycle.

Step 2: Let Your Soul’s Presence Spark Your Creativity

You always have the light of your soul at your fingertips. When you have found your soul’s signature sensation and learned to call it to you, ask yourself, “What do I want to create?” Acknowledge the force of your soul as the force of your creativity.

Say to yourself: “My soul’s aliveness is my creativity. I create.”

Many of us have read extensively about creating and manifesting, yet still struggle to achieve it. The easy way to enlightenment is to become partners with your soul as well as the divine, which backs you both when you create. Your soul’s creativity can then extend through you into the world around you. You are its conduit.

When you sense your soul’s presence, it carries information about how to direct its energy. It will communicate its desires to you, directing your creativity. When you direct your attention towards its desires and “move in the direction of your soul,” your soul’s presence in you strengthens.

Although you are always plugged into the divine and your soul, the exercise of recognizing the creative power of your partnership and of listening to your soul’s desires will increase the wattage you receive from them. Your ability to receive information from your soul improves each time you connect with it. When your soul directs your creativity, the soul current flowing through you increases.

Whether working with people as a yoga teacher or as a spiritual coach, I find that most people—even those on the path of self-help, self-development, and spirituality—insist that they cannot recognize the presence of their soul or spirit. They believe they have not found it because they do not know what they are looking for. If you would like support finding your personal connection with your soul, drop me a line through my website. I have found in my work that each individual has a very personal way of connecting. While one finds her connection in traditional meditation techniques, another may find hers while baking.

Perhaps no one method or technique will take you to your personal communion with these creative forces. This book is a collection of ideas that have helped me and the people I work with find the soul sensation. This is where your strength and willingness to take responsibility come into play. You are responsible for practicing your soul connection. Your attention to your intention over time builds your relationship to your soul. Over time, it will become easier to identify and feel your soul’s presence.

Step 3: Acknowledge and Experience Your Creativity

When I create from my soul’s spark, an electric pulsation flows through me. This sensation of aliveness has nothing to do with an achievement, only the state I experience. I sense my physical body as vibrant, open, and free, as opposed to dull, shut off, or trapped. You likely have experienced similar sensations, perhaps without realizing it. Recognizing this experience helps you take direction from your soul more consistently, which is what Step 3 of the Soul Cycle is all about.

Through practice, we can cultivate the ability to make soul-directed choices. Find part of a day when you can be free of any scheduled activities. Before you take action, stop, breathe, and sense into what your soul wants to do. Then sense what you want to do. Notice how the two of you relate to each other, and then to others. Do you agree with each other?

I notice the conflict with my soul often at work. I am a project manager and get impatient with my team or other people involved in my projects. If I tune in to my soul and listen for the next step, I often sense the advice, “Take it slow. Create space.” But the voice of impatience says, “Pressure them. Call your boss and complain.” Who knows better? It’s been my experience that learning to surrender to my soul takes practice! (Lots of practice!)

Keep your soul close at those moments, then try a whole day. What is different when you act like your soul is with you? Do you feel more creative? Supported? Directed? Like someone has your back? Review what you created with your soul compared to times when you did not team up with it. Do you like having your soul close to you? Acknowledge your experiences by writing them down or sharing them with a friend on the same path.

As an intuitive empath, it’s easy for me to get lost in the energy of my environment. When I keep my soul close, I experience a gentle, positive sense of separation from loved ones and the people around me. My soul’s presence wraps around me and gives me a healthy buffer to outside energies. The sense of stronger boundaries is unfamiliar at first and requires an adjustment, but is definitely welcome.

You may also sense a boundary or buffer to outside energies when your soul’s presence is strong. Some call this shifting into “observer mode.” My solution to keep from feeling too separated or distant is to imagine that I am still connected to others through source energy or the divine. I remind myself that engaging this boundary allows my soul, the divine, and the intelligence of my body and the earth to inform my actions rather than being influenced by random energies from others and the atmosphere around me.

You can further build your relationship with your soul by reviewing your friendship. Look back at your life and your choices and have an honest talk with your soul and yourself about how the two of you have coexisted, separated, and found each other over the years. What choices did you make at the turning points of your life that brought you to where you are now? Do you feel that your soul guided those choices, or not? Acknowledge the role your soul has played in your choices, and in turn the creation of your life and who you are now.

Now come to the present. Look at where you are now in life. What if, from here, you could bring your soul into every second of your life? You might ask, “Do I really want that?” If not, why not?

Living a partnership with your soul is new terrain for you to explore. You can think of day-to-day soul living as an enlightenment experiment. What happens if you connect with your soul in the shower, while driving, during lovemaking? Can you keep the connection in that tough board meeting or during the fight with your loved one? And if you stay connected, what do you create versus when you do not stay connected?

No matter what you are doing, you can always check in with your soul sensation and from there ask, “Do my choices and actions make me feel closer or farther away from my soul?” Each time you discover the spark of your soul—feeling that signature sensation—you’ll find yourself back at the beginning of the Soul Cycle. Then you’re ready to create again.

About the Author: Leigh Ann Kittell is a life coach, yoga teacher, and intuitive empath with an unquenchable curiosity about how to transcend the challenges of everyday life through self-development and modern spiritual practices. After a miraculous encounter with a Reiki master, Leigh Ann dedicated herself to learning as much as she could about esotericism and healing, with the goal of understanding the mechanisms through which she had healed, and how she could help others do the same. Leigh Ann teaches and works with individuals and groups internationally, sharing practices on connecting with higher forms of guidance, and helping people sense and develop a relationship with their soul. Born and raised in the United States, Leigh Ann has lived in Europe for the last twenty years, giving her a unique, global perspective on modern spirituality. She is a Martha Beck Certified Life Coach and brings more than two decades of research to her fresh approach to the topic of enlightenment.