The One Reason Why You Love the Earth

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In the comedy classic "The Life of Brian" by Monty Python, the 1st century protagonist Brian is eager to join a Roman resistance party. He approaches the  People's Front of Judea (The PFJ) asking for membership and the leader says, "How much do you hate the Romans?" Brian answers "A lot." The leader replies stoically, "OK, You're in." 

When I watched this movie as a young teen with my father I thought, "What kind of answer is "a lot"?" And how does that warrant Brian getting into the PFJ?

Now if I were to ask you how much you love the Earth, you would realize that neither love (nor hate) can be measured. They are absolute, not relative states. You too would probably answer, "a lot!"

But why do you love the Earth so much?

In The Easy Way to Enlightenment, I propose a crazy idea:

Your Soul incarnated as you to love the Earth.

What if your soul said:

Look down at the beautiful planet earth. 
What if I could live close to her? 
What if I could stand on her ground, drink her water, sense the warmth of her fire, and the freshness of her air?
What if I could create freely, like I do now, but also be near her?

From Lesson 3, The Easy Way to Enlightenment

Because you are connecting deeper and deeper to the force of your soul inside of you, you sense your soul's love for the Earth. 

Think about how nourishing, comforting, reassuring, and energizing it is to spend time connecting with nature. That’s because these experiences of connections are one of the major reasons your soul wanted to come here in the first place!

What if this seemingly complicated society you live in, with organizations, hierarchies, governments, schools, and multinational corporations started as a simple but compelling love affair with Mother Earth?

Maybe one day somebody or something asked your soul, "How much do you love the Earth." Your soul answer, "a lot!" And next thing you know, your soul was in. 

And now here you are, carrying a big love, and maybe even a big pain. When I meet people on the path of self-development and modern spirituality, they often tell me that their great love for the Earth is their biggest heart ache. If you feel the same, I hear you! That is why I wrote Lesson 3 for you - to help you make sense of your emotions about the state of the planet. 

Ready to dig deeper into the love affair of your soul and the Earth? Confront some of the pain? Try these questions from the Reader's Guide and let me know how you do:

  • What emotions arise in you when you think of Mother Earth?
  • How does Mother Earth support you? How do you support the earth?
  • What do you appreciate most about Mother Earth? How do you consciously express your appreciation to the earth?
  •  How many minutes a day can you dedicate to your connection with nature and the earth? Do you sense some reluctance to committing daily? Why?

Read more about your love for the Earth in The Easy Way to Enlightenment.

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