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In this call (about 20 minutes), you will tell me what is happening in your life and where you want to make a shift. You will get a sense of relief already from sharing your story with a person you can trust.

Book Your Fast-Track Starter Package 

If we decide we are a good fit, we’ll pick one of my three fast-track starter packages for you. I like results. I want to help you unfold your magic now. That is why my packages are designed to help you create positive change quickly in your life.

1. The TVI Package for more time, vitality, and inspiration 

Do you ever say,

  • I wish I could … but I don’t have the time to….
  • I have so many great ideas for my students and clients, but I…
  • I love my work but sometimes I get drained.

My TVI 3-session coaching package is helps you carve out time to focus on what is important to you.

I will ask you to take a good look at how you take care of your body. We will flesh out your personal vision to serve as your anchor for prioritizing tasks and making big decisions.

My goal for you is to create the space for inspiration and innovation in your practice, profession and life.

2. The Personal Power Package for powerful presence

  • Are you ever confused about who you want to show up in your role of as a yoga teacher, life coach or healer?
  • Does a pang of envy hit you when you see your peers on social media?
  • Do you want to attract more clients and students organically?

In my Personal Power package, we work on three things:

  1. Your essence: What makes you different than others, just because you are you?
  2. Your skills: What learned skills do you execute particularly well?
  3. Your message: How do you weave your essence and skills into a unique offering that attracts your ideal students and clients?

3. The Enlightenment Package for Divine connection

  • Would you like to rely less on techniques and more on inner guidance?
  • Do you want to find out what your best connection to higher forms of guidance is?
  • Are you curious about the non-physical realms?

My Enlightenment package gets you connected to higher forms of guidance fast. I will share with you the tips and tricks from over 10 years of experience as a channeler and intuitive empath.

You will find new ways to help yourself and others with the magical powers that flow through you.

Difficult to pick?

No problem! I will design a Custom Package for you.